Advantages for Agents


Get what you earned the day you earned it


Your commission will be deposited directly into your bank account


You can trust Pronto Commissions to keep your information completely safe in our systems

No Hassle

Over two decades our process has been refined to the point of complete efficiency — let us take care of the work for you

Tax Deductible

All transaction fees are considered a business expense which means they are tax deductible for Independent Agents

  • Pronto Commissions provides you access to cash when you need it most ….NOW!
  • There is no effect on existing bank and credit card lines of credit.
  • You no longer need to worry about “when the deal closes or how long it may take for Title to be issued”.
  • This is a worry-free, hassle-free, quick way to receive your earned commission when it’s due to you.
  • All transactions are handled promptly and in total confidence.
  • Free Electronic Bank Transfers.
  • All transaction fees are tax deductible for Independent Agents, where proceeds are used for business purposes.
  • Free, year-end tax summaries.
  • To sum it up, our Service is Quick … Simple …Low Cost …and Confidential.

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Advantages for Brokers


For 24+ years, we have been trusted by brokers across Canada to deliver quality services


Our simple online tools allow for minimal work on your end

Reduce Your Receivables

Collect fees from your agents through a split payment

As a broker, you know building relationships with excellent agents is key. To stay competitive, brokers need to attract and keep only the best sales people. We can help.

1. Recruiting and Retention

  • Being able to offer immediate commission payments sets you apart from your competitors.
  • You can offer to pay the financing cost on a new agent’s first  Pronto Commissions advance as a special incentive to join your company.
  • Pronto Commissions is best positioned as a back-office resource, similar to a payroll service.
  • Familiarization creates ease of use, which in turn, retains quality agents.

2. Increased Office Productivity

  • Twenty-five years of feedback from offices with large numbers of agents receiving Pronto Commissions advances regularly shows an increase in office productivity.
  • The bottom line: agents worry less about their cash flow and concentrate more on selling homes.

3. You’re In Control

  • You can track the active and historical commission advances through our monthly and year end agent and broker reports to assist in monitoring the benefits our service provides.
  • Before funds are sent to the agent, the broker must first approve:
    • the value of the Pronto Commissions advance requested by the agent
    • the split of funds, if any, between broker and agent
  • Upon approval, the requested advance will be processed and funds will be electronically deposited to the account(s)

4. Collect your receivables

  • Collect your receivables from the Agents on a timely basis, improving your cash flow and reducing your cost of doing business.
  • This can be done simply and easily with your money being deposited directly to your bank account through EFT.

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